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Rhino Linings

Top-Notch Rhino Linings Products

Enhance the look of Your Truck 

Rely on Wes' Autobody Works to install spray-on superior coatings for your vehicles. You'll be glad to know that we use Rhino Hybrid products that help to protect the bed of your truck from corrosion and abrasion, enhancing its value and performance. 

Count on our experienced staff to provide you with your desired services and quality results. Your satisfaction is our priority.  Call us today to know more about our services.

Check out our Rhino Linings Price List

We offer quality services at affordable prices. Our price list is as follows:
  • 5.5 ft. truck bed = 500.00 + tax
  • 6.5 ft. truck bed = 550.00 + tax
  • 8.0 ft. truck bed = 600.00 + tax
  • Rail (excluding Ford trucks) = 50.00 + tax
Tailgates are included with all the above listed items.
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